The Clean 15

Last week we talked about buying organic or conventional. Remember, not everything has to be organic all the time.

When changing your dietary lifestyle, remember, adding as much healthy food, versus unhealthy food, is the key. So, if you have to choose between an apple or a candy bar, we want to choose the apple. But, what if you just can’t live without that candy bar. Especially in the beginning of your journey. Ok, have the apple and half of the candy bar. I would much rather see you get the nutrients from the apple if you still must have the candy bar.

Its the concept of crowding out. If you continue to add quality, nutritious food, eventually there won’t be any room for low quality food. So instead of having a full candy bar, which provides no nutritional value, you have an apple, full of vitamins and half a candy bar. Eventually, you won’t even want the candy bar. Well, at least, not as often.

So, don’t think that just because your budget is tight, you can’t eat healthy, fresh, nutritious foods. Here is a list of the top 15 clean, non-organic choices you can begin to add to your diet. Save the candy bar for a special occasion.

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  1. Christine I enjoyed this article and concept of 15 a great idea. The transition to healthy clean eating. Just curious is this Wildtrees concept ?

    1. All of Wildtree’s products are organically sourced. While this is my article, and my sources are different, Wildtree follows organic principles when sourcing their ingredients. Hope that answers the question.

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